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Translation service launched(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Sunday, November 23, 2008


The idea of Vizzualforms at the very beginning was to provide the Service in as many languages as possible. Today we have come a little bit closer to this goal - we have just launched Translation service.

Translations service is a volunteer-based service. That means that all registered users that are fluent in both English and another language can contribute to translate the Service into one of the world languages (currently possible to translate in more than 180 world languages)

Texts for translation are separated into the following groups: Essentials (contains all texts that are necessary in order to submit a form in that language, for example, error messages, "Submit" button.); Interface (contains all application button texts, field labels etc.);Translation service (contains all texts regarding the Translation service). As the texts are separated into groups everyone who want to contribute can choose which texts he would like to translate.

For each language user can see how many percent of all available texts are already translated in that language. Each user can see texts submitted by himself and also update his translation as well as to propose changes in translations submitted by others

How to switch to the language in which I have just translated texts? When most of the texts in that particular language are translated we add this language to the system languages and all users can set to see the Service in that language from front page or - for application - pressing on Settings tab.

Translation service is designed keeping in mind that it should be very simple to use for translators. That means that also you can contribute!

Designing Translation service we inspired by Google and Remember The Milk translation services.

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