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Now you can use 'Other' option to collect free-text answers(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, January 8, 2009


Using fields containing several predefined answers it is not always possible to specify all answers. In such cases Other field is frequently used. Such option now is available also in

To use this feature, create new "Multiple choice" or "Checkboxes" field and tick "Show other option" in field options section. Now under last radio button or checkbox additional value ("Other") will appear and text box for free-text answer.

In order to avoid situations when users tick "Other" answer but do not submit any value in text box or write text in text box but do not tick "Other", we have implemented automatic validation - if user tick "Other" option he will be automatically redirected to text box and vice versa - if user do not tick "Other" checkbox but write in text field, radio button or checkbox will be ticked automatically. That means that if you have specified this field as required, user will not be able to submit the form unless "Other" value is entered.

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