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Thank you gift to our best translators(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Friday, October 16, 2009

As we highly value the effort of the volunteer translators that help us to translate the service in another languages, we have introduced a new tradition.

Best translators not only receive an unlimited Vizzualforms Business account for one year but also a thank you gift from us.

As Vizzualforms are located in Latvia, Baltic, we wanted to send our translators something original that is available only here, something we would like to receive ourselves.

At the beginning we thought that the best and most original gift would be a natural cloudberry jam from Pure Food or Riga Black Balsam but because of Latvian postal service restrictions delivery of such liquid and bottled goods was not allowed.

Finally the choice fell on sweets from Laima (our traditional chocolate brand). The first candy box you can see below will be sent to Rome, Italy.

If you feel strong in languages and would also like to taste Latvian sweets :P , please feel free to contact us!

Thank You gift

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