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Don't Miss a Chance To Order Vizzualforms For Current Prices!(0)

Didzis Sprūds | Thursday, February 26, 2009

Only till 21st of March you can order Vizzualforms for previous prices and ordering 1 year subscription get discount up to 30%. Don't miss a chance!

Starting from 21st March our Basic plan will cost 12$ (previous price $8.50)
Small biz plan further will be replaced with Standard plan and it will cost $28 per month.
Enterprise plan will be replaced with Ultimate plan and will cost $53 (includes such additional features as e-mail notifications and password protection)

Of course, Free plan still will be for free.

As it was before if you order the service for 1 year period you get a special price.
For example, Basic plan for one year will cost you only 115$ (20% discount)

Note that the new pricing policy will not apply to our current customers till the end of their payment periods.

In order to get more information about the new pricing policy, please press here.

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